Hi everyone!

This is my first blog post and I am super excited to share it with you guys !!I wanted it to be both enjoyable and useful.After giving it a lot of consideration, I thought why not post something that reflects my  personal style and is utilitarian at the same time.

As i sit to write this post,munching on pakodas and sipping my chai,its drizzling outside and its getting pretty cold.

Delhi winters are to die for. The scent of roasted peanuts hanging in the air ,the crispy ,spicy ,yet comforting aalu parathas for breakfast ,innumerable steaming cups of hot adrak wali chai throughout the day, sitting out in the reassuring winter sun reading a book ,having sumptuous gajar halwa for dessert ,short days and long nights.

And don’t even get me started on how fashionable the city looks during winters! Sexy leather jackets can be spotted every where and then there are absolutely yummy boots and lust worthy scarves .One can always wear a slouchy beanie or a beret to look cuter/conceal undone hair!

While there are a lot of things I love about this season, getting out of bed is not one of them .We feel the need to bury ourselves in our comfy cosy quilts and laze around and if god forbid we have to step out have to literally scrape ourselves out of bed!

Also it becomes quite difficult to pair ethnic wear with the jackets.Quite often I find myself stuck in a situation where I don’t have suitable outer wear to go with my kurtas for winters. So what do I do if I don’t want to abandon my kurtas and  go on a shopping spree specifically for the winters. After all they just last for three to four months.

Coming back to the topic I have selected for the post which is layering.While it might seem tempting to just bundle up in the coziest, bulkiest clothes you own to stay warm but actually the most effective way to protect yourself from cold is to wear multiple layers which can be added or removed depending upon the weather conditions or to just alter the look.

I wanted to share an outfit idea with you guys that was pocket friendly, functional and yet stylish. I am a minimalist and  have a lot of basics lying around in my wardrobe, neutral colors, cotton pants, basic tees ,a tonne of white kurtas. So layering the basics  together to get an interesting put together winter look is what I did.

The Look:

layers , ethnic wear

I have created a layered fusion look using my fabindia angrakha style kurta ,basic full sleeves T-shirt, cotton trousers and a shrug,basically utilizing all the summer clothes I had !

For the inner most layer, I’ve worn a fitted navy blue t-shirt with cotton pants in the same color.

Next I’ve  used my angrakha style striped kurta almost like a shrug. The combination of stripes and hand block print details look very fresh and give it a personality of its own. It also has pockets on each side ,which I occasionally use to warm my hands.And for the shell layer I have worn a woolen grey hnm shrug which is really fine and can be used in summers as well.

Shrugs are the holy grail of layering. They almost give you the permission to leave the house wearing a blanket and still make you look like a million bucks. Adding a shrug immediately gives a layered put together look.

multistrand necklace ,layeringnecklace beard

I have accessorized  the look by adding a multi strand necklace which I bought from janpath  for just 100 rs. Its said that God is in the details. A statement making piece of jewellery adds that detail to the whole look. Adding a bit of jewellery to your outfit is like embellishing it, giving it your own personal touch.

Jewellery makes me feel empowered. It is like a shield to survive the banalities of daily life.

layering ,ethnic wear

In a lot of ways looking at a persons outfit is like reading a book on them.  Styling is like a personal language. Your clothing could convey anything. It could mean business when in a formal meeting,  flirty when on a date and casual or fun when with friends.

layering , ethnic wear

What I liked the most about this look was that it can easily transition from day to night .Like tying the belts of the angrakha style kurta would give a more formal look. Also I  could unbelt it and wear the kurta as a shrug for an evening out with friends.

layering , ethnic wear , the chic maharani

I personally am a big fan of layering because:

  1. Layering is quite a forgiving style. All the winter weight that you’ve put on (because who can resist those aalu parathas topped with butter) can be easily concealed under the layers.
  2. DIY: Layering clothes is like putting together pieces of jigsaw puzzle to make sense. Except that here you can mix and match, try various permutations and combinations. It is so much fun!
  3. I absolutely love the idea of wearing summer clothes for winter.
  4. Wont have to shell out a lot of money buying winter clothes (which only lasts for 3 to 4 months)
  5. The whole idea is to wear different pieces of clothing together, styling it yourself artfully, almost customizing the look.
  6. Not having to look like a snow woman.

How layering works:

The reason wearing multiple thin layers will keep you warmer than a single thicker layer is because warm air is trapped between the layers acting as an insulator. The best thing about layering  is that you can prepare for many situations that may arise. If the weather becomes nice before you set out then you can pack your bag with clothing that can keep you warm whilst wearing a base layer. You won’t over heat and if the temperature was to drop, you’ll have what you need. You won’t have to alter between putting on a bulky jacket and removing it. 


Cheat sheet for nailing the layered look:

  • Your base pieces should be slim fitting both in silhouette and material. Nail the base layer and you’ll never be afraid to de-layer.
  • Make the layers light in weight. Doesn’t mean sacrificing warmth. Think cotton blends and fine knits.
  • Make sure that all your pieces are classic in color (neutrals like navy blue, winter white, and camel) and style, so that pairing a bunch of them together doesn’t look sloppy.
  • Keep the thickest layer as the very outer layer and wear only one piece on the thicker side to balance out the outfit.

Looking good doesn’t always mean spending big bucks.We all have our closets full of summer clothes and basics. Lets be creative ,layer them basics together, play with different fabrics ,textures and colors ,rustle up some interesting layered looks and have some fun while we are at it!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it useful.Let me know what you think about it. Also share your layering story with me.



5 thoughts on “LAYER SLAYER

  1. Hey Shweta, loved the look 🙂 Now I know why Kiran looked so awesome all the time too. Please start hating links/ brand names. There are so many things from each look that I’d love to add to my wardrobe. 🙂


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