Hello everyone !

First of all I want to thank you all for showing so much love and appreciation for my first blogpost. Now the title of todays blog might seem a bit confusing .Though its not as complicated as it may sound. I decided to put two of my favourite pieces together for this post,which happen to be quite contrasting  and therefore the title.

We all know that the wedding season is here in all its glory. Like it or not ,your Facebook wall will be flooded with pictures from friend /relative /friend’s friend’s wedding .Dressing up in your sexy sarees and back-less cholis, catching up with friends, smiling  ear to ear for a million selfies (while worrying from inside about where your life is actually going?), cracking some odd non-veg jokes, gorging on delightful tikkas while chugging a few too many drinks and dancing the night away Bollywood style seem only customary.

Amidst all these festivities we are all bitten by the ‘what to wear’ bug! While we get dozens of outfits stitched to measure for our family weddings, there always are some impromptu plans to attend a distant friend’s wedding where we absolutely have nothing to wear!

No! You can’t be caught dead in an outfit from a previous wedding. Can you ? Because everyone has already seen it on Facebook!! And the people who missed it have gotten their glimpse of it on your Instagram post or was it your WhatsApp display picture? In short that awesomely perfect outfit of yours; its gone viral!!Now you want to bring you’re A-game without having to shell out a fortune for it and you have no time left!! Well this outfit idea could be a remedy to such conundrums!

I have created this look using a bralette, georgette button down sheer shirt dress, jeggings, my  moto jacket (all black in colour)and my Bold bright fire coloured dupatta! All black outfits are a no fail option for any occasion. Wearing black head to toe, gives an illusion of a slimmer and taller look and you can never go wrong with it. The best thing about the colour black is that it can look sexy, formal , casual or chic ! Its a very versatile colour .

The trick is to put together a bunch of black separates to get an interesting black on black look. To work the trend one needs to experiment with different fabrics and textures Like for this look I have paired lace ,georgette, lycra and leather ,all in black colour together.

Wearing your oversized button down shirt backwards is all the rage right now and I had been wanting to try it since quite some time. So I took my Georgette button down shirt dress and wore it back to front. Under it I wore my halter bralette (with lace detailing on the back) over my black jeggings .

wear shirt backwards , sheer layering ,black2

The lace detailing popping out of the ribbed collar and the sheer black layering provided for an interesting detail! It put that element of nakhra (coquetry) in the outfit! You show some skin and you hide some .It is not ‘in your face’ sexy but just gives a hint of flirtation!

Next I draped my dupatta ! Now I have always loved dramatic, colourful, vibrant dupattas .I believe if you have one statement making dupatta in your closet you’re sorted!!Just throw it on an otherwise dull salwar kameez and you’re good to go! Or wrap it around your neck in winters to stay warm and give a desi twist to your western outfit! They have this traditional ,feminine vibe going on! Drape one, and you instantly feel glamorously coy and ladylike!

text printed dupatta ,orangedupatta,indian wear

I remember I decided to buy this dupatta as soon as I lay my eyes on it .It has the colour of fire and there’s Gayathri mantra stamped all over it! Yellow ,saffron and red are considered to be the holiest colours. Women wear kumkum and red sari during weddings/holy festivals. Yellow is usually worn by priests .Saffron is reserved for the holy people who have renounced the world. Hence it has this sacred feel to it!

statement dupatta ,orangedupatta,orange ,ethnicwear ,fusion7-2-1moto jacket, black ,biker jacket ,fusion ,the chic maharani

Also I am a huge fan of Moto jackets. The way they suddenly transform your look from the girl next door to this badass biker chick! No other garment can do that. They scream REBEL! As soon as you wear them, there is this sudden adrenaline rush! You feel powerful, as if you are a rule breaker, a trend maker, a risk taker! 

I bought this jacket from Yashwant singh palace market,Chanakyapuri about two years back.I had been crushing on the Balmain moto jacket from quite some time then and hence was quite thrilled to find this beauty .Me and mum bargained for a bit and managed to get it for a decent price.

moto jacket , dupatta , thechicmaharani,blogger ,indianblogger,fusion

At first, I was a bit sceptical about styling the two pieces together but I must admit ,I was pleasantly surprized to see how well they complement each other!

leather jacket and dupatta,fusionleather jacket and dupatta ,black

I used to wake up to the auspicious sound of the ritualistic bell ringing ,my house scented with aroma from lighting wicks soaked in ghee and camphor for offering them to deities during aarti which my grand parents never seemed to have skipped. Nights were filled with fascinating , larger than life stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata ! And youth was spent playing a rebel, experimenting with lifestyle choices, hanging out in night-clubs listening to rock, pop ,hip-hop and what not, questioning everything I was taught. I have become a juxtaposition of the two!!

leather jacket and dupatta,fusion

In a way, aren’t all of us modern Indians just like this outfit? We are the marriage of opposites , a combination of conflicting schools of ideas ,the old traditional one and the new progressive one ,with  western influence.

moto jacket,black,dupatta,fusionwear,thechicmaharani

For footwear I wore my Flat-form sandals and paired them with my sheer black socks .Btw I always  wear flats and cant even wear heels to save my life !May be I m just not a heel-person.No matter how hard I try, I cant balance my self on heels,look straight and walk at the same time. Hats off to the ladies who can do all those three things at once and still manage to walk with poise.I , my friend have had my share of falls,and have given up on heels ,for good .


P.S. I love the Socks and Heels trend!!

  • A handful of style-trends are made keeping in mind the comfort factor .Socks with footwear is one of them .It looks great and will keep you warm.
  • You can play with all sorts of socks, any colour, texture, print or length from sheer ,to cartoon prints to stripes .
  • Socks would conveniently hide the chipped nail paint! You wont have to run to get a pedicure before an event! Great for lazy people like me.
  • Kitten heels or stilettos, wedge heels or flat-forms, wearing socks underneath makes a great style statement with all kinds of footwear.

The Look

For this shoot I did a retro winged eyeliner .Also I wore my empress shaped earrings that I love! They are feather light and make quite a statement.I picked these pretty babies from a road side vendor in GK ,M-block market just for 100 Rs  ! Eye makeup was quite dramatic so I decided to go for nude lips.

winged eyeliner, empress earrings,nude lips ,bangs  nude lips, black nails  img_5316

The Bollywood buff in me could not resist twirling. After all there was wind and I had this dupatta, you connect the dots ! My sister had to come and stop me ,”if you’re going to move around so much how am I supposed to click pictures??”But I wouldn’t stop.


For this post I followed a few trends and broke a few .My idea is to process the trends and interpret them in my own unique way. Your clothes should always tell a story about you. There should always be little details that customize your style . It could be a broach that you made out of some old favourite earring you dint want to let go of , or an anklet that your grandmother gave your mom when she was getting married that you cherish ,or your mothers old saree that reminds you of your childhood or the ring that was a present from a special someone that you now wear as a pendant.

I had a wonderful time shooting, twirling , shivering (in the pictures I don’t have the jacket on) and writing for this post! Hope you guys enjoyed it too. I would be back with a new post next week.

Till then,

Love and Light

Shweta Saxena


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