Food for thought: Would you rather spend your whole life in a sexy looking dress or a pair of comfortable pajamas?

Hello beautiful people!
Valentines day is just around the corner and love is in the air . Everyone is busy planning romantic dinner dates and buying special presents for their partners (trying to outdo each other at the game of who got a better present for whom or who made whom feel more special?) But the concept of love has a little to do with romantic dates and shopping for presents. Its more about finding the right person to share your life with.
For this post I’ve decided to ponder over a question which I chanced upon on a girls night.
The question is “If you had a choice, would you rather spend your whole life in a sexy looking dress or pair of comfortable pajamas?”
Now you must be thinking what’s the relation between the two? What does ‘finding the one’ have to do with the pajamas vs sexy dress equation? Well the two are quite closely related, read further and find out for yourself.
Picture this:
For a night out , you slip into your tiny dress, wear a bold  lip colour and spritz that delightful perfume. You are thrilled with anticipation of a crazy fun night involving a few too many drinks & a hell lot of dancing .
The dress looks stunning! Correction!! You look stunning in that dress! You cant stop checking yourself out in the mirror. The dress accentuates all your features nicely, conceals those love handles, shows off just the right amount of leg ,covers up the cleavage ( yet not all of it). Life could not get better than this! You feel sexy . This perfect little number of yours is just what you needed, to give your self esteem the much needed boost ! You  click your heels and are ready to paint the town red!
But would ‘nt you have to suck your belly in, at times for pictures? Maybe! And unnaturally design your postures and your way of sitting so that your things are not visible? Well most certainly! But would you resist yourself from dancing Gangnam style ?? Obviously, you’ll have to or you ‘ll end up ripping your dress apart. Sure it would cut down the fun factor by half but you are willing do all of that for a dozen compliments and some killer display pictures!

Apart from all of that  you’ll have to stay sober and carefully check your dress from time to time or you’ll have a gazillion pictures of your wardrobe malfunction splashed all over Facebook the next day.

When you leave the club and it gets chilly, you’ll often be caught eyeing your boyfriends jacket which he won’t give you (coz why should he? Unlike how Hindi films have portrayed them, poor guys  feel cold as well).No! You can’t beg for his jacket, even though you’re freezing ,your pride won’t let you admit it.

Later when you guys decide to grab a quick bite at a near by dhaba or a 24 *7 ,as soon as you walk in ,you become this object of desire and have all the guys gawking at your legs. It feels like you are on display or something. You then are sent off with your paneer-roll to sit in the car for your own safety. As soon as you take a bite of the role ,you can feel your dress creaking a bit. You then safely tuck the role in your purse to devour later at home when no one’s watching. And god forbid if one has to pee in a dress! Getting out of the shaping garment and unzipping the dress is a rocket science in itself. It takes so much effort and energy that it’s better to postpone peeing and let your bladder suffer a bit longer! The tight fitting dress does not seem the best choice now! Does it?
Meanwhile, your friends have suddenly decided to have an after party at some ones terrace and torture you further. You are feeling cold ,sleepy and cranky but dare not lean back; because who knows what one might see if you lie down in that itsy-bitsy dress of yours! Somehow you manage to talk your guy into giving you his jacket, blackmailing him with your poor, hungry ,blue face and so are able to survive through the night.

Its 3 am ,party is officially over and you’ve reached home finally! Yay! You kiss everyone good bye and leave.You are glad!! More than glad you feel relieved! “If I had to be out for one more second I swear I would have frozen /suffocated /burst my bladder!” You get out of the tiny monstrosity, and throw it on the bed (almost wanting to hurt it for making you suffer so much).”Good riddance! A ah! Finally I can breathe again. Phew! And I can pee all I want! Greatest feeling ever!”

You slip into your modest pajamas, wearing them feels like a reassuring hug. Comfortable fit, soothing colour and simple playful prints, comfort your senses .You don’t have to suck your tummy in or place your legs together! Pajamas envelope you with so much care and warmth. You can just be at ease. You grab your bag and greedily pull that paneer-role out and saviour it, you have mayo on your face but you don’t care. Your pajamas won’t judge you, neither would they snap. They are unpretentious and durable. They un-complicate  your life.
Pajamas have an invisible [come here ,let me heal you ! ] tag. They give you complete control of yourself, you could move around as much as you like, toss and turn all you want, design your weirdest sleep-postures and your pyjamas would happily agree!
While one has to make a lot of effort(put on  makeup, do their hair, wear a shaping garment) to wear a dress, unpretentious pajamas just accept you the way you are! The dress would make sure you look good in the pictures(on the outside) whereas pajamas would contribute to your inner happiness  . You’ll feel good from the inside. While you’ll get bored of a dress just after a party or two, your pajamas are timeless. They are classic!
I cant somehow resist drawing similarities between the contrasting features of the two garments to that of the two different kind of guys.
Sure the idea of being with a very attractive person, who loves to party and knows how to charm the ladies, might seem exciting but you can be in such a relationship only for a limited period of time, not a minute longer. We all have been there and done that! You feel the thrill but sooner or later you want out!
For me, the love of my life just like my pyjamas should be the one I m comfortable with, one that  I wont have to change myself for, the one with whom I can just be, one with whom I can cuddle for hours, whose scent calms me down and whose hug promises that everything is going to be fine. One who would be with me on a bad hair day, who would love me more without makeup, and whose love wont fluctuate when I gain or loose 5 kilos, who will accept me with all my flaws. One who won’t ever give up on me, who will stand by me on my worst days. The one with whom a cup of coffee would be more exciting than a bottle of wine. One who won’t hesitate to kiss me even when I am down with fever and look like a bug caught on the windscreen, one with whom I could spend my weekend gladly making grocery lists or doing laundry.
One with whom I’ll  have the craziest fights of my life just to fall even more in love!
Let me now introduce you all to a feeling I call ‘pajama-ness‘.
The feeling of lazing around in your pyjamas the whole freaking day, curling up in your bed with a good book sipping chai, having movie marathons/watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes back to back, munching on butter popcorn and loosing track of time.
This whole drill (of being an absolute couch potato in  your pajamas) recharges you to face the challenges of life the next week! You come out of your bed in your jammies all refreshed, your problems all washed away, like a new born child.
But life is too short to wear boring pajamas (if you know what I mean  😏) .
Below the belt has some amazing pajamas, with playful prints and bright colours. They are so comfortable that you could actually live in them, sleep in them or take them out to brunch! Pair the fun pajamas with your formal kurtas or tank tops for a casual meeting or wear the night shirt over your denims for a day out with friends. Or just wear them together to night-suit up and indulge in the pajama-ness!
After a tiring day at work or a wild party I seek solace in my warm hearted pajamas. Sure they aren’t as trendy as the dress but they sure know how to take care of me. If I have them on, I sleep like a baby with not a care in the world!
Personally I feel “home is where my pajamas are 💗”.
And if the pajamas look this good (well that’s just an icing on the already perfect cake) why won’t I spend rest of my life in pajamas?What’s your pick? A dress or the pajamas? Let me know in the comments section below .
Also I had so much fun recreating the pajama-ness for you. Hope you guys enjoy it too!
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