There’s something ravishing about the bond she shares with coffee. It is as strong as the coffee she prefers. She has coffee on her mind and coffee on her checklist. It tops the list of the things she should never leave.

She falls for it time and again for making her day beautiful in every little way it could. From the prayers she says before the first sip of the coffee, to finding months-old stains of dripped coffee on her favourite notepad; she loves every bit of how the addictive drink has to do with her sober life.

She laughs at how she slurps her coffee and how the thick and foamy milk stays on her upper lips like a moustache. She loves the strong aroma coming from the rich coffee that fills her surrounding and how the bitter yet sweet flavour always has a way with her.

She is in love with coffee a little too much; she at times, even dreams of spending the rest of her life in a café and nowhere else.

For this post, I have created a layered look using strong black, delicious brown and creamy white ( basically all the colours that one finds in their cup of coffee .)I have experimented with different textures of fabrics.For the base layer I have worn a fabindia hand woven Ikat tunic dress ,as a kurta with white churidar. The fabric of the dress is so soft, fine and comfortable. In todays world, where everything is mass produced and machine made, hand woven fabrics are a luxury. I alter between using it as a dress and a kurta. I layered a multi strand gold neck lace over it to accessorize.

ikat ,hand-woven,brown, fabindia

Next I wore my favourite waistcoat with lapels. I  picked it up from Delhi Haat. It belongs to a modest brand called Avani .They had put up a stall in Delhi Haat and I must admit ,that they had a wonderful collection of woollen clothes in unique designs and colours .One thing that sets them apart is their perfect sizing ,which is very hard to find unless you’re buying from a well established brand . Each and every item at their stall was drool worthy!

img_5973waist coat,brown, handknittedimg_5907

This jacket has a fleece body with knitted lapels .It’s really warm and has pockets on both sides which increase its utility. The most amazing thing about this jacket is that it goes very well with both Indian wear and western wear. Be it a kurta or a t-shirt or a dress, this jacket looks equally nice with everything. I  loved how the texture of knits was flirting with that of the pure cotton Ikat.  To give a personal touch to the outfit, I pinned my favourite empress shaped earring on the jacket as a brooch .

For the outermost layer, I wore my black button down kurta from Goodthings as a robe-jacket. It has little leaf shaped bootis woven into it. I alter between using it as a kurta and a robe jacket. I love to buy clothes that are really versatile and can be worn in a multiple ways. Like a dress that can double up as a kurta or a crop top that can be worn as a blouse with a saree.

I accessorized the look with a leather inlay work wallet .It added a beautiful new texture to the outfit. I remember I had fished it out of a pile of wallets in a small export reject shop in Sarojini Nagar market. It costed me around 900 rupees which was basically a steal. For footwear I wore my black mojris with zari work. I had bought these from Janpath market.They kind of remind me of Christian Louboutin X Sabyasachi shoes. The thing that I love about them is that they are really really comfortable (after all they are flats) but look really feminine and intricate .They can be worn with a dress to a party or with a traditional outfit to a wedding.

The play of different textiles and textures was like a poetry in itself, where Ikat, fleece ,knits, strings of the brass beads, leather inlay work and zari work were woven into a tapestry of the outfit. All the seperates that I have worn for this look are of intresting shapes (silhouttes) and hence when worn together form a new silhouette of the outfit all together.

Now I wore this outfit to a baby shower but It can be worn to a formal meeting as well .

img_5857hh img_5870img_5843  layering,fabindia,goodthings,broach,necklace  3 coffee colours,fashion,thechicmaharani, fabindia,ethnicwear  img_5861
brown and black, layering,gold ,delhi blogger
necklace, gold
layering ,leather inlay wallet,indian style blogger6

In a coffee ,coffee beans give the bitter taste and aroma, cream makes it rich and frothy and sugar adds to the sweetness. Similarly, in an outfit different elements contribute together to make a unique product.

Hope you guys found this outfit inspiring and enjoyed the post.Ill be back with a new post soon.

Till then,

Love and light

The Chic Maharani


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