Hey guys,

I am so so glad that I finally started blogging and have you guys as my support system without which it won’t have been possible. It’s so exciting for me to plan a new post to share with you guys.I love doing everything, from makeup ,to styling ,to posing for the photo-shoot .The whole process gives me a high. It’s both challenging and fun at the same time. It keeps my creativity on its toes.

Earlier I used to be quite dissatisfied with myself.There was something missing from my life  but I couldn’t somehow put my finger on what it was. Having some sort of  talent and not using it sucks!Its like superman not being able to use his super powers or Mr India not being able to disappear. Its quite unfulfilling .I mean if you got legs,you better walk, do some awesome air kicks and dance gangnam style while you still can!
So whatever skill you think, you might possess ,practice it. Sing a song,write a poem,design a t-shirt,spray paint a wall, act in a play, bake a cupcake ,do stand-up comedy. Do whatever you think you are born to do.The size of your audience does not matter as far as you are happy doing what you are doing. I loved how Phoebe sang her weirdly funny,nonsensical songs at the Central perk Coffee Shop in F.R.I.E.N.D.S . Even though she sucked at it ,she sang!Period!!

This does’nt necessarily mean that you quit your job,but you should definitely make time for your passion, express yourself through it and create good art. Your job would provide you bread and butter to feed you physically but your art would feed your soul!

Coming back to the post ,this time I am doing a three part series styling the same saree for a formal,casual and a wedding look. This is the first part of the series and I have styled my sari to wear to a formal meeting .

I remember my school teachers wearing their crisp cotton and silk saris with formal blazers.They looked so chic and authoritative.Also the Air-India air  hostesses ,news readers and the front desk executive ladies in hotels pull the style off very gracefully and effortlessly.My mother has always paired her printed chiffon saris with her blazers in winters .The combination looks  really nice and is very functional at the same time.

Last year Kareena Kapoor brought the style back in vogue.She wore her Dev R Nil Saree with a vintage Christian Lacroix blazer and a statement Amrapali necklace.I loved the way Tanya Ghavri styled her and wanted to try the look ever since .

For this post I have styled my favourite monochrome checked saree from The Chandni Chowk Shop with a semi-formal Blazer.

I wore a white colored lace top which has bow tie detailing with my black  jeggings and draped the sari over my jeggings .I love to wear saris over denims or jeggings cause It gives a really fitted,well-draped look and is super-manageable .Also you could just take off your saree and head out to a party straight away in your top and jeggings .I love wearing clothes that translate well from morning to evening .In todays time when we have to go from our offices to social gatherings straight away , outfits like these come in really handy. I wore my grey Forever 21 semi-formal blazer over it.It added structure to the whole look.Next I pinned up a couple of multicoloured badges on it,to add an element of fun ! I had picked these up from Lifestyle store.They cost about Rs 150 per pack and each pack has three of them.I remember I was so happy and excited (like a kid in a toy store) to find these and bought about 10 packets .My sister looked at me as if I was insane but I couldn’t  resist buying them cause they are so much fun and can be used to customize jackets,denims, handbags and what not. For a strictly formal look you could skip the badges if you want. I painted my lips in fuchsia pink to brighten up the otherwise monochromatic look. For footwear I borrowed my sisters black brogues with heels which she had bought from Vansons.I had been lusting after them from quite some time and have often thought of stealing them from her !So it was great fun wearing them for this shoot.They have a formal yet feminine look.

Now I guess I should stop blabbering, so that you guys can finally  browse through the pictures.

Idee eyewear, thechicmaharani,sareewithblazer,sareenotsorrySareenotsorry, sari with blazer ,formal saree ,thechicmaharani Idee eyewear,saree with blazer ,saree not sorry Saree with blazer, thechicmaharani,formal saree Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani   Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharaniSaree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani, brogues with sariSaree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani, sariwithbrogues Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani Saree with blazer,saree not sorry, style blogger, thechicmaharani 2724Saris can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which flourished during 2800–1800 BC.They have always been an integral part of our culture and history.Our grandmothers as well as our great grand mothers have worn them.It is one garment that sets us apart from the rest of the world. So why should it be restricted  just to weddings and festivals ? Let us proudly wear our six yards of joy to offices, meetings, clubs and get together with friends.They are so versatile, feminine and Indian.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it inspiring. I would be back with part two of the series  next week.

Till then,

Love and Light

The Chic Maharani





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