Hello my people!!

How have you all been? What is up with you all?  I toh have been great! Blogging and shopping have kept me busy and happy all week ☺️😛. Hehe! I am a huge mall rat and love going to the malls to the extent,that my friends think that mall is my second home. The smell of new clothes,bags and shoes draws me towards itself. I can’t explain how much I love retail spaces! Strolling through the malls, staring at the chic window displays and trying on beautiful clothes is my favorite way to spend some quality time.

Now as promised ,I am back with part two of the SARI series. For this post I have styled my checked saree for a wedding look .I have basically worked these five trends:


I wore my sari with a sequin jumper which has a boxy silhoutte.I had bought this top from Sarojini Nagar market for just Rs 200 (Jackpot!!after much haggling). The boxy silhoutte gives a bit of a ‘high fashion’ edge to the whole look .An embellished top like this sequin jumper definitely makes a statement. Pair a cut like this with a saree if you dare.Not only does it look very elegant but the style is so so forgiving.You can eat all you want and still look like a million bucks!Besides all other girls at a wedding would be in their strappy backless blouses and your look would stand out.


Deepika Padukone wore a striped shirt with gold sequins skirt from Asos, for Bajirao Mastani promotions and nailed the trend. I could not take my eyes off her and wanted to try  the print on sequins  trend myself ever since and hence paired the sequin top with my black and white checked sari.


I wore intricate silver jewelry over my gold sequin top.Whoever said you can’t wear silver and gold together got it all wrong. While pairing the two metals does take a little skill, the combination makes for a sophisticated and chic look .


Burgundy, plum, berry, maroon, wine, crimson… these are the lip colours that are hitting up runways and red carpets. Dark lips are ridiculously popular at the moment and so many celebs are going the dark lip way. Priyanka Chopra rocked a dark lip with her gold sequined gown at the 2017 Golden Globes and I absolutely loooved her look so I decided to wear a wine colored lipstick for this look.


So many designers have showcased sneakers with lehengas and saris in their shows. There is something effortless and cool about sneakers.For this look I have worn glitter flat form shoes with my sari. I had bought these from Westside .They go so well with my silver jewelry .Marilyn Monroe once said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.  “Well she could not have been more on point, in these shoes you could dance the night away without worrying about falling down.

Also as all of you know ,I love outfits that can translate well from one occasion to another so I have draped my sari over my jeggings again. It gives a more fitted ,well-draped look and after the wedding festivities are over ,I could just take off my saree and hit a club in my sequin jumper,jeggings and flatform shoes for an after party!

Now don’t go anywhere without browsing through the pictures! 🙂

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Sari is a very versatile garment.We should not be scared of it.With time and a little effort one can master the art of draping and carrying off the six yards gracefully.While today every one just wants to find a perfect dress or gown or something western to wear, how about draping the six yards of joy and Desi-fy-ing  your style a bit 💗.

Hope you guys liked the post and found it inspiring.I would be back with Part 3 of the SAREE series, where I would be styling the same saree to wear to a club.Stay tuned!

Till then,

Love and Light,

The Chic Maharani



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