Hello my people! 💗

Happy belated holi to all of you !! Hope you guys had a lot of fun playing with colours and munching on gujiyas .I toh had my share of puris,kachodis,gujiyas,pakodas,pulao,and what not! I m so full ,that I probably could survive the next whole week without having food.

Coming back to the post,I am back with part-3 of the sari series.I hope you guys have gone through Part -1 and 2 of the series.If not ,have a quick look before checking out part 3:

This time I have styled my monochrome checked sari to wear to a club and it’s the same sari that I earlier wore to a meeting and a wedding!What I love the most about clubbing is ,having to dress up for it.And when it comes to choosing an outfit for a party ,we are spoilt for choice.A short black dress with a bold lip colour, or a pair of shorts, or a sequin skirt or why not go for skorts instead? Everyone wants to look hip and trendy but the challenge lies in wearing something different (hat-ke). No one wants to mix into the crowd.
Thankfully now there is another option to wear to the club. It looks so feminine ,sexy and sensual.There is an element of nakhra (coquetry) in it. You show some skin and you hide some. It is not ‘in your face’ SEXY but just gives a hint of flirtation . Yes it’s a sari💗!


For this post I wore my checked sari with a graphic print sheer t-shirt from Ginger by lifestyle.It has a bright multicolour graphic  deer print on it.I knotted my tshirt to give it a more fitted crop top look.Underneath it ,I wore my neon pink bralette to add a pop of colour to the outfit .I had bought this from Sarojini Nagar Market just for Rs200 .It is a wardrobe must have!!I could wear it to a beach with shorts,or underneath a sheer white kurta and jeans or with a printed sari .It would look fab! I accessorized the look by adding gold Hoop earrings from Forever 21 and a multicolour sequin clutch by Gayatri Chopra. I had picked it up from flee market at select city walk just for Rs 999!I absolutely love the refreshingly colourful sequin work on it.It brightened up the otherwise monochrome look of the outfit.Also I painted my lips in bright pink colour to add colour.For footwear I wore my flat form glitter shoes that I had worn for the wedding look as well. This outfit (the sneakers,the bralette and the mesh tshirt) has “Atheleisure” written all over it.
Have a look ☺️

 ATHELEISURE is casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.The true beauty of athleisure is that it’s both practical and completely fashionable. The relaxed and cool style blends sportswear with ready-to-wear to create styles that are chic and comfortable.
How I worked the trend:

  • I layered peices like the neon bralette and mesh t-shirt with digital print under my saree .
  • Wore my glitter flat form shoes for footwear.They are so comfy that you could actually go for a run in them.
  • Draped my sari over my jeggings .They are stretchy and can be worn to a gym as well.
  • Accessorized my look by wearing gold hoop earrings and sequin clutch .By adding bling I styled my outfit for a clubwear look.

So basically if I take off my sari,put my earrings and clutch aside ,I could hit the gym in my leggings,neon bralette and graphic printed t-shirt.

With my three part series I tried to revive our generation’s interest in saris .On the Indian and international ramp too there has been a revival of interest in the garment.

The sari is the most flattering silhouette and the most perfect garment. It is a part of our timeless heritage.Crisp saris when worn and carried the right way can not just make a style statement but also notch up your oomph quotient by many degrees.

I know that draping the sari might not be the easiest thing to do .But with time and a little effort we can master the art of draping the six yards and carrying them off gracefully.It looks so uniquely beautiful and sets one apart from the crowd.It is so versatile that you can wear one sari in many different ways like I did in my three part series.There never would be a sizing issue weather you gain or loose a few pounds😏.After you get bored of wearing it as a sari ,you could get a dress/gown/suit stitched from it.

With this I conclude my three part sari series !Hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it inspiring.Let me know in the comments section below💗.

I would be back with a new and fun post next week.

Till then ,

Love and Light

The Chic Maharani


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