Hello my people!

By now you all must be knowing about my immense love for Indian wear.And when we speak of Indian clothing ,we can’t miss out on handcrafted clothes .

In todays time where everything is being mass produced in sweat shops,handcrafted clothing is a luxury.I am always on a lookout for places where I can find clothes which have a personality of their own and which are in sync with my personal style.Speaking of which I want to share with you guys a brand called ” Desically Ethnic“.which I recently came across. It is all about Indian ethnic products and people who love them.Their website has choicest products from far corners of India depicting our rich culture and ethnic roots which includes wide range of sarees, jewellery, bags, and readymade clothes.

I had ordered a few products from their website .The delivery was pretty quick and the products were of really good quality.

I chose a sangeneri block printed reversible jacket  in beautiful red and creme colour with paisleys on one side and lotus print on the other.The hand block is carved out of wood and is the simplest and oldest of printing devices. Printing on this jacket has been done using only vegetable dyes which is quite environment friendly. Dyeing with vegetable colours is the oldest of colouring techniques.So when you are wearing block print you are wearing history.One thing that is really important while choosing the right jacket is the fit. And I was pleasantly surprized at how well this jacket fits me.The best thing about it is that you get two jackets for the price of one cause its reversible.I love it when I can wear my clothes in different ways to get different looks.

I had also ordered a bright clutch with vintage kutch embroidery.It’s so vibrant and colourful that it can perk up any outfit.It can go well with a kurta or denims or a little black dress .It has a rich desi flavour to it.The fabric on this clutch is hand embroidered and vintage.A product is much more valuable when it has history to it.It can’t be recreated in the exact same design and hence is one of a kind💗.


I wore my block print jacket with a white lycra vest , blue jeans and sneakers .Now this jacket goes extremely well with all kinds of indian wear.Be it a sari or a kurta or a cotton skirt.But I wanted to experiment with it to see how it looks with denims and a tshirt for a casual fusion look.

I accessorized the look by adding the bright clutch with kutch embroidery ,silver churis and mirror work earrings.A little black bindi completed my look.

The brand was started by Akshaya M Rajee and her husband Jai Subramaniam with a view of bringing to you the best of Indian Crafts like Ikat , Kalamkari and Kutch embroidery .They have also started producing readymade garments with Indian Handloom fabrics. Even extra bits and pieces of these high quality materials that could have gone wasted  are used to  make beautiful upcycled products like cloth necklaces, earrings, table mats, coasters, spectacle cases and bandanas to minimize wastage .

They employ a lot of women artisians and teach them different kinds of crafts to help uplift them.Now thats called sustainable and socially responsible fashion.

For this post I shot against an old peepul tree near a temple.It added a lot of drama to the shoot.The pandit ji from the temple came and started giving me instructions on how to pose 😏. It was epic! I had so much fun shooting for this post. Hope you guys find it intresting .Have a look !

Youngsters in India are becoming more and more influenced by the west.There’s no harm in taking good things from the west but this does not mean that we should completely abandon our culture.We have to preserve our identity. Western world is looking at India for its rich Cultural heritage.Handcrafts are a part of India’s history, economics, aesthetics and culture. If we lose them, we lose a part of ourselves.Lets go back to our roots to find ourselves !

For this post, I dressed up casually in my blue jeans and a vest but peppered the outfit with beautiful Indian things .Like the block print jacket ,the vintage kutch embroidery clutch, the cute little bindi and the silver churis.These things added that Indian flavour to the whole outfit.These things set us Indians apart from the whole wide world.These things that have been a part of our history , culture and who we are. We should proudly include these Indian elements in our every day clothing.

Wear a pair of silver jhumkis with your little black dress,or drape a crisp silk sari for a formal meeting,throw on an ikat shrug over your halter top or just put a little black bindi.Wear a little bit of India every day!💗

Love and Light,

द शीक महारानी


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