Hello my people,
Hope life is treating you really well. Most of you must be knowing, that there is a giveaway contest going on my instagram page.I love the fact that so many of you have shown intrest and posted really intresting and creative comments. If I could ,I would have given a clutch to each one of you, cause you deserve it.
But as tough as I might find it,I would have to choose one of you to giveaway the prize.
But worry not!!contests like these would keep coming up on the blog, you just would have to stay tuned.
Coming back to the blog post,this time I have put together a look to wear to a sunday brunch .
Now in life, there are things that are necessities,that you buy ,and then there are tastes that you aquire with time. Fabindia is one such brand.You do not just buy fabindia,you have to graduate to it. Their clothes are handmade by crafts people, helping to provide and sustain rural employment across INDIA. So when you are wearing Fabindia,you are not just wearing a beautiful dress or a kurta or a peice of jewelry ,but you are helping preserve traditions and art,and also supporting an artisian’s house hold. The clothes might seem a bit expensive at first, but they are timeless.Things like pure fabrics,hand embroidery/weaving, bandhej /shibori  i.e. well crafted clothes have never gone out of style and never will.If anything you could pass them on to generations as heirlooms.
I bought this beautiful beige cotton maxi dress with chikankari from Fabindia .It is hand embroidered ,with mukaish work on it.The thing that I loved the most about it was its colour and silhoutte. It has a scooped neckline which shows off my collar bones nicely. Also the defined waistline and gathers make it look very feminine.
Since the colour of the dress is very subtle ,I chose to wear my beautiful tassel earrings from the Folklore collection of Studio Voilla .This collection is inspired from the swirl of colourful ghagras against the shimmering dunes of Rajasthan,the perfectly balanced earthen and brass pots on dancers who sway ans pirouette to the beat and tunes of folk music,their feet perched on glass or sword’s edge .
💙Bhavai,the dance form that comes from the land of the greatest warriors,adventurers,aesthetes has inspired these.When you are wearing Folklore jewelry ,you adorn yourself with a peice of poetry .Each peice tells a beautiful story.
These earrings are larger than life.They are so grand and colourful that they can brighten up any outfit. They go equally well with a summer dress or a kurta or a sari . Even if you are planning to wear a sack for some strange reason,these earrings would somehow make sense of the whole outfit! Beleive me!!
I also wore a statement ring from Studio Voilla ‘s kutch collection which is inspired from the enchanting colourful land of kutch and its mystical heritage.I am a sucker for stories and absolutely love it when there are stories attached to the jewelry or clothes I wear.(makes it much more intresting)
I borrowed this clutch with beautiful sequinned rose embroidered on it from my sister cause it was going very well with my silver jewelry and adding a pop of colour to the whole outfit. She had purchased it from Sarojini Nagar for just Rs 800. It has the “accessorize” label on it.
We chose a wall with graffiti at Connaught place as our location for the shoot. I love going on long drives.More often than not I end up in C.P. I have been visiting the place since I was a kid. Back then,for me C.P. was the whole Delhi. Gradually I learnt about North ,South,East and West Delhi.But still, none of the other places match the charm of Connaught place.The antiquish colonial architecture,beautiful iconic buildings ,the high end retail stores, the small vendors selling knick knacks, spilled here and there,the reassuring heroic flag in the central park, odeon paan waala, that boy playing his guitar with people cheering him up,a girl making a portrait just 200 rupees and a woman selling gajras .A skinny boy wearing lip gloss ,a white tank top, navel ring and tiniest pair of denim shorts in the world and being unbashedly, himself, cute fat dogs sleeping peacefully outside restraunts ,a blind man singing a melencholic song in some god knows what language ,struggling but walking all by himself,asking for alms ,crowd from literally the whole wide world strolling the streets .Where else would you find all these things in one place??
We also went to agrasen ki baoli,which is just a walking distance from where we were.It felt quite strange and funny ,walking on the roads in full makeup and dressed up at 8 in the morning.It was quite fun shooting at this historic landmark.It is like a page from history ,tucked away in a safe place ,waiting to be found, just next to the hustle bustle of the modern city life,undisturbed ,tranquil.It’s more frequented by parrots,bats and love birds these days.
Some times there was wind and my bangs would all fly away, sometimes a group of tourists would cross by and interrupt us,and sometimes the guard at the monument would shoo us away.But somehow we managed to complete the shoot in time.It was so much fun!!
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Beige maxi dress with chikankari and mukaish work:
Bold blue tassel earrings:
Statement Silver Ring:
Person behind the camera: Aman Kumar
Before this shoot, I had never ever posed for a photographer in my life, except for my sister and ofcourse the school group pictures 😛.
I am quite a shy and introvert person.I could’nt even talk to people on phone .
I know it might sound weird but it is true. Before blogging ,I was living in my own shell. So obviously I was quite nervous about the whole shoot thing. I almost called to cancel but I did’nt. And guess what?? It was the best thing that I did in quite some time.I got to learn so many new things about the camera and how to shoot, that day.
It’s very important not to let your fear to come in the way of your dreams.We should overcome our inhibitions, come out of our shell and meet new people, learn new things. How else would we grow?
Hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it intresting .I would be back with a new post soon!
Until then,
 Love and Light,
द शीक महारानी

One thought on “A BRUNCH AFFAIR

  1. Bae. I lovee the outfit and the way you’re carrying it chic maharani is a word for you and those blue earrings are love 💕
    P.s – I have the same pair of sandle, mine are from koovs! Hifii 🙋


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