Over last few years ,I have acquired a taste for kurtas .I love the fact that kurtas finally broke the mould of floral printed ,embroidered all over, embellished with stones, prototype of kurtas ; that used to exist.Now there is a great range of formal kurtas in the market. When selecting a kurta ,we are spoilt for choice ! There are kurtas with stripes, checks, solid colours , collars, button down styles ,pintucks etc .For minimalists like me ,its the best thing that could have happened.

Also ,there are like a hundred brands available in the market as well as online .But the brand that I prefer the most when selecting a kurta for myself is W. They have the best of the designs. And their sizing could not have been better. Their button down kurtas are more like long shirts ,that could be worn with trousers ,to formal meetings. I have literally collected all the colours in this style.

The kurta I am wearing for this post is from W’s Spring Summer Collection ‘Travancore’. It is inspired from vintage Indian postage stamps and other Indian elements.The mix and match of prints in a refreshing color palette adds a subtle charm to the designs and the colors are perfect for vibrant fresh summer looks.

But the thing is that they have about a hundred peices in the same design. You could be wearing a kurta , and your friend’s mother could be wearing the same kurta. Every body ends up looking the same. Well!!  nobody wants that!!
This is where one’s personal styling comes in handy. The way you wear your kurta ,could  be totally different from the way others are wearing it. You could wear your kurta with a bib necklace underneath or you could wear sneakers with your kurta to give it a twist .

Or you could just wear a jacket over your kurta .Now while waistcoats ,cape jackets and phulkari jackets (traditional looking jackets) are really common  and have been done to death, blazers  have rarely been paired with kurtas for women’s wear. Although the style has been doing rounds on runways for menswear from some time .

I found ‘Blazer with kurta’ style very cool and had been meaning to try the look from quite some time. So for this blog post , I have worn my kurta with a blazer and pants for a formal look. I had pinned these broaches to my blazer earlier ,for a blog post which made for an intresting detail. They instantly quirked up my outfit. I accessorized my look with an oversized black tote bag and ballerinas.These days I have started wearing grey eyeliner a lot cause I feel it’s refreshingly cool.For lip colour, I wore a nude pink colour.

I had so much fun creating this look and shooting for this post. Have a look.


BLAZER : Forever 21
BADGES : Ginger by Lifestyle
BALLERINAS : Forever 21

So that’s how I pant-suited up with my kurta . I must admit that wearing a kurta instead of a shirt was a hell lot comfortable! The thing that I love the most about  kurtas is that they have such a forgiving silhoutte. Even if you gain a few pounds ,you can look good in a kurta. They look so graceful and feminine. This look is really functional and is great to wear to a formal meeting.

By now all of you must be knowing about my love for fusion wear . That’s because I feel fusion wear perfectly depicts our (modern indian’s) personality.We are modern Indians with exposure to the west. We ‘ve been brought up on old antiquated traditions that are now a part of us but have accepted western ideas as well .We want to adapt good things from both schools of thought. What we want is the best of both worlds!!

And so wear Indian but don’t forget to customize your look .Add a pair of sport shoes or a bib necklace or badges or a quirky jacket .Wear your kurta over your jeans or wear it as a dress. Add what ever depicts your personality .Wear your clothes ,dont let your clothes wear you!!   Have fun with them ,experiment with looks, create new styles.Fashion can be bought but you got to have your own personal style!

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it inspiring.I would be back with a new post soon. Until then,

Love and Light,

द शीक महारानी

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