Embrace your DARK SIDE !

Why do we hide behind these walls? What are these masks that we put on to please people? Why do we want to fit into that cookie-cutter mould so bad? Why don’t we embrace our dark untamed ,flawed selves? Our side which has repressed ideas,instincts,impulses,weaknesses,desires and embarrassing fears.The side which feels more,is far more creative and uninhibited,the side which is a part of our unconscious mind.
As we grow up ,we start seperating things into good and evil and begin to sort out those traits within us that are acceptable by the society ,and those which are not. Things like working odd hours at office, 6 days a week ,taking as much stress as one possibly could, ignoring all else for work is considered ambitious. Whereas taking 5 days off every month to paint or travel or bake or read /write is considered pretty useless. Waking up early every morning to exercise or run errands is great. Whereas lazing around till noon on a week day, watching T.V. is a strict no-no. Being present at home at 9 sharp for dinner is a responsible choice, where as partying hard till midnight is careless. Making small talk with people,even if we don’t like them is a sign of politeness,where as being rude or blunt is bad. Doing work that pays is good ,making art that satisfies your soul is an activity of spare time. Having sex before marriage is condemned by people whereas having babies ASAP, once you are married is hugely encouraged, as if some elf would magically drop the baby clad in flower-petals into your lap!!

We get judged for being gay, or for being in a live-in relationship . Whereas people have no issues if you are caught in a love-less marriage. Hell you get judged for drinking and smoking if you are a woman!

There are no limits when it comes to work ,formalities ,and responsibilities ;on the other hand having fun or doing something that you actually want to ,has to have its limits.

We are taught to obey our elders , behave politely  ,keep a big pleasant smile on our face ,be nice to every one if we don’t feel like. We are also taught to control our anger, control being blunt  ,control wanting to scream when we want to, control laughing too hard, control the urge to cry in public, control eating too much, control O.C.D. ,control feelings, control indulging in P.D.A . ,control our urge to shop too much, control being anything that is not acceptable according to social police.
We are so busy being right that we have forgotten the sweet satisfaction,  that one only gets by being themselves (right or wrong).

I say we sleep when we want to ,eat whatever we want to, speak our mind out, make no small talk what so ever, cry our eyes out when we feel like, scream as loud as we can, when we want to ,smile when we actually feel like, at people we genuinely like, have wine when we feel like even if it’s 12 a.m., shave our head off if we want to, indulge in P.D.A . if we want to, wear the chunkiest necklace to work even if everybody mocks us, take a few days off just to get lost into a book, or a faraway place, or just to stay in bed and sleep, listen to our favourite music for 3 hours straight ,ignoring all else, make art even if it does not pay us, express our happiness in a way people think we ‘re crazy and do the same when we are angry or sad, do whatever pleases our soul and care a damn about what society thinks.

We all are part angels, part devils.It’s like a balance.Why disturb the balance ,when god intended it so?Why only be an angel? Why not celebrate being a devil too?

On a sunny saturday afternoon,I draped my sheer black sari with intricate black embroidery and wore a black lace top with a lace bralette underneath. Painted my lips in blood red,put kohl wings on my eyelids and unleashed the witch within me.We did this shoot on the road median over river Yamuna .I parked my car on the side of the road with indicators flashing (even though it was a busy road with ‘no parking’ signs every where) ,got down dressed as a witch with my partner in crime Kiran.

We managed to wrap up the shoot within 15 minutes, with every other car stopping by , just to ogle at what the hell I was doing posing in a sheer black sari ,on the road median,on a sunny afternoon! 😈

And into the Forest I go,

To loose my mind, and find my Soul…

It’s about time we accepted that we are pretentious or lazy , have anger issues or O.C.D. .We could be asexual,bisexual , gay or straight.We make love to the person we love (irrespective of the fact that we are married or not).We love making art whether it pays us or not .We also enjoy drinking and smoking socially and are not ashamed of who we are.We do what makes us happy.Let’s be unapologetically,unbashedly ourselves and take pride in that.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post and found it inspiring.I would be back with a new post soon .Until then,

Embrace your dark side,

द शीक महारानी


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