Everyday is a festival with FIDA Jewellery !!

According to an early Tamil text called the Tirukkalaya-nama-ula ,a woman should never be entirely naked, even in bed; instead her body’s beauty should be enhanced with gems.

She adorns her feet with a pair of anklets ,

And stacks her wrists with heavy bangles,

Thickly encrusted with gems.

She decks her hair with an impeccable garland,

Strung with gold thread,

And enlivens her shapely neck with jewels,

Thus is she a match for Shri herself.

Have you ever come across jewellery so bewitching ,that you could’nt resist buying it ,so captivating  that if you dont buy it,it  would haunt you in your dreams?That which twinkles like the stars, entices you like nothing else and makes you believe in magic?

I being a jewellery-addict am always on a look out for statement baubles cause I feel that stunning jewellery can make even the most basic of the outfits stand apart. Speaking of which ,I recently came across FIDA jewellery at lifestyle store. They have such elegant, intricate designs at pocket friendly prices that it is hard  to choose just one.

Bollywood actresses have been obsessed with chandbalis from quite some time and have styled them beautifully with their silk sarees and Anarkalis. I have drooled over their pictures and was craving to own a pair of stunning chandbalis  myself.And so I chose a pair of beautiful turquoise gold beaded chandbalis for myself . I have always loved intricate dangler earrings and have like a dozen pairs of them but I have’nt worn most of them cause they are so heavy that it hurts.

But these chandbalis from FIDA, with their multi strand pearls and gold accents are so delicate and detailed , yet feather light. Now there was no wedding or festival coming up when I got these earrings, nor did I match them to any particular outfit of mine but I had to ,had to have them right then , cause look how pretty!!

I thought let me first get them ,I ll figure out later,what occasion would I wear them to!! 😛 .

Coming back to the blog post ,this time I have styled my traditional chandbalis and jhumkis with my western outfits cause “why should you wait for festivals or occasions to wear beautiful jewellery if everyday can be an occasion ,when you adorn yourself with captivating jewellery.”

Below are a few looks that I have created with my FIDA chandbalis:


I wore my button down formal shirt with denims and beige heels.The whole outfit was quite basic except for the beautiful chandbalis and the clutch. I love to place opposite elements together and hence loved pairing this formal shirt with these super feminine intricate chandbalis. I wore a bright pink lip colour to perk up the look. You could wear this look to a casual lunch with friends.

I pinned one of my chandbalis as a broach to the collar button of my  shirt to make a style statement. You could also pin it as a broach on the side of your nehru jacket or blazer. But always remember to keep the rest of the outfit crisp and fuss free.

For this look ,I paired the chandbalis with my favourite off-white tube summer dress .Intricate chandbalis make quite a statement falling over bare shoulders.Also the turquoise color looks super fresh when paired up with white.I completed the look with a sequin clutch and a bright lip colour. This dress immediately transports me to my favourite holiday destination GOA.This outfit would be perfect to wear on a dinner date to a candle lit beach restaurant. While I can’t run off to Goa every time I want to,I could surely wear this dress with my dangler earrings and set the Goa-Vibe.

What looks more feminine than a multicolored maxi dress ?A multicolored maxi dress with Chandbalis 🙂 . Wore my beautiful chandbalis with a chequered maxi dress  .The play of contrasting colors  makes for a  fresh summery  look. This outfit has a delicate lady-like VIBE and would be perfect for a sunday brunch with family.

Why go for the done-to-death hoop earrings with a dress look when you can wear your chandbalis with it. I wore my little blue dress with my chandbalis and absolutely loved the look. Now I’ m not much of a colour person but I could’nt resist pairing TWO colours from the same family together.Like here I paired my royal blue dress with turquoise blue chandbalis.The dress was pretty minimal and hence the earrings ,all intricate and elegant ,would do all the talking. Also to break the monotony of blues I added a hint of pink to my lips and cheeks.This look would be really great to wear to a club .


I also got a pair of gold jhumar drop earrings for myself cause I feel that when wearing a traditional outfit ,you can never go wrong with a pair of gold drop earrings. Now they look like they are really heavy but are super light and can be worn comfortably.

Finished with dainty tassels,this pair of antique gold toned jhumkas reverberates class. Below are a few looks I created with these flawless FIDA jhumkas:


Wore my gold jhumar earrings with an embroidered crop-top ,trousers and a blazer. The jhumars added a desi twist to an otherwise western outfit.They say that the  god is in the details ,well this pair of gold jhumkis surely makes for an intresting detail. By adding a bit of traditional jewellery to your western outfits you can ensure that your outfit would stand apart.This look is perfect for a semi-formal meeting.


Next I wore my gold jhumar earrings with a little gold fairy like dress.This dress has  gold beadwork all over it and hence the gold earrings compliment the dress. The whole look of the dress is transformed when worn with the jhumars.This look is very feminine and dreamy and hence is perfect for a romantic evening date.These gold jhumkis would look fab with any dress with gold accents.


Pair your gold jhumar drop earrings with any thing sequin. I have to admit I was’nt too sure on pairing the jhumars with my sequin top at first but was pleasantly surprized with the results. Gold jhumar drop earrings and sequins look magic when paired together.I painted my lips in bold red for this look ,cause nothing looks sexier with gold than red.

So these were a few looks I styled with my fabulous earrings. Adorning myself with these exquisite FIDA earrings ,I definitely felt like a royal princess.The jewellery at FIDA  is high quality and has great finishing .Focusing on ethnic jewellery, that celebrates Indian design and craftsmanship, each of their pieces has been designed and handcrafted by artisans using traditional jewellery making techniques . And what’s better is that you won’t have to break the bank to buy it.  Their collections range from earrings, rings, hair accessories, bangles, mangtikkas, anklets, haathphools and jewellery sets that can be worn together or as separates.Each of their pieces has been dipped in 1% gold, adding a sense of value to each purchase.Embellished with pearls and stones ,meticulously sourced with the utmost care and attention to detail, they are perfect for festivals and weddings,gifting and the ideal go-to accessories for travel.

You can check out their designs at your nearest Lifestyle store or you could order their statement baubles from : http://toniq.in/product-category/fida/

Jewellery has been an integral part of Royal India’s splendor and magnificence. Rulers of every princely state ,big or small have had their own collection of heirloom gems and jewelry. While buying and caring for precious jewellery takes so much effort, imitation jewellery is  low mentainance and you don’t have to alter between keeping it in the locker and taking it out to wear. Let’s show how proud we are ,of our royal heritage by bedecking ourselves with magnificent jewellery every day.Decorate your ear lobes with dangling chandbalis when wearing a shirt, adorn your palms with with an elegant hathphool when wearing a maxi dress,bejewel your head with a delicate mangtikka when wearing a sexy backless  gown or  grace your feet with a pair of anklets  when wearing an itsy-bitsy bikini.

Most of  us first select an outfit for ourselves and then buy jewellery to go with it .I say get inspiring peices of jewellery first and design your whole look around them for a change.It would surely make a huge difference to your style.Hope you liked this post and found it inspiring.I would be back next week ,with a new post .

Till then,

Love and Light,

द शीक महारानी






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