I grow Childish.

Whatever happened to the good old days when the latest Barbie Doll with a cake making kit was all we craved for. When we made best friends just so that we could eat delicious puri aaloo from their  lunch box. When a pack of cad bury eclairs was enough to light our eyes up.When we…… Continue reading I grow Childish.

Opposite’s attract!

Monsoon has arrived in all its glory and is here to stay.It is always either raining or about to rain or has just stopped to rain .It is that time of the year when the trees seem greener, the air seems fresher and the birds chirpier. I personally love to wear  vibrant colours and prints…… Continue reading Opposite’s attract!

Everyday is a festival with FIDA Jewellery !!

According to an early Tamil text called the Tirukkalaya-nama-ula ,a woman should never be entirely naked, even in bed; instead her body’s beauty should be enhanced with gems. She adorns her feet with a pair of anklets , And stacks her wrists with heavy bangles, Thickly encrusted with gems. She decks her hair with an…… Continue reading Everyday is a festival with FIDA Jewellery !!

Embrace your DARK SIDE !

Why do we hide behind these walls? What are these masks that we put on to please people? Why do we want to fit into that cookie-cutter mould so bad? Why don’t we embrace our dark untamed ,flawed selves? Our side which has repressed ideas,instincts,impulses,weaknesses,desires and embarrassing fears.The side which feels more,is far more creative…… Continue reading Embrace your DARK SIDE !


Over last few years ,I have acquired a taste for kurtas .I love the fact that kurtas finally broke the mould of floral printed ,embroidered all over, embellished with stones, prototype of kurtas ; that used to exist.Now there is a great range of formal kurtas in the market. When selecting a kurta ,we are spoilt…… Continue reading PANTSUIT-UP WITH A KURTA


According to the cambridge dictionary, marriage is a legally accepted union between two people in which they live together, but here in INDIA it’s considered more like a one stop solution to all the possible problems. “Our son is so irresponsible and careless ,what do we do?” “Arree!! Get him married to a seedhi sushil…… Continue reading WHY SHOULD I GET MARRIED?


Hello my people, Hope life is treating you really well. Most of you must be knowing, that there is a giveaway contest going on my instagram page.I love the fact that so many of you have shown intrest and posted really intresting and creative comments. If I could ,I would have given a clutch to each one of you,…… Continue reading A BRUNCH AFFAIR


Hello my people! By now you all must be knowing about my immense love for Indian wear.And when we speak of Indian clothing ,we can’t miss out on handcrafted clothes . In todays time where everything is being mass produced in sweat shops,handcrafted clothing is a luxury.I am always on a lookout for places where…… Continue reading BACK TO OUR ROOTS with DESICALLY ETHNIC


Hello my people! πŸ’— Happy belated holi to all of you !! Hope you guys had a lot of fun playing with colours and munching on gujiyas .I toh had my share of puris,kachodis,gujiyas,pakodas,pulao,and what not! I m so full ,that I probably could survive the next whole week without having food. Coming back to…… Continue reading SARI GOES TO A CLUB


Hey guys, I am so so glad that I finally started blogging and have you guys as my support system without which it won’t have been possible. It’s so exciting for me to plan a new post to share with you guys.I love doing everything, from makeup ,to styling ,to posing for the photo-shoot .The whole…… Continue reading SAREE WITH BLAZER


There’s something ravishing about the bond she shares with coffee. It is as strong as the coffee she prefers. She has coffee on her mind and coffee on her checklist. It tops the list of the things she should never leave. She falls for it time and again for making her day beautiful in every…… Continue reading FOR THE LOVE OF COFFEE

Food for thought: Would you rather spend your whole life in a sexy looking dress or a pair of comfortable pajamas?

Hello beautiful people! Valentines day is just around the corner and love is in the air . Everyone is busy planning romantic dinner dates and buying special presents for their partners (trying to outdo each other at the game of who got a better present for whom or who made whom feel more special?) But…… Continue reading Food for thought: Would you rather spend your whole life in a sexy looking dress or a pair of comfortable pajamas?


Hi everyone! This is my first blog post and I am super excited to share it with you guys !!I wanted it to be both enjoyable and useful.After giving it a lot of consideration, I thought why not post something that reflects my  personal style and is utilitarian at the same time. As i sit to write this post,munching…… Continue reading LAYER SLAYER